Saya merasa ditegur saat membaca paragraf ini di bukunya Yasmin Mogahed “Reclaim Your Heart”:

Yesterday my 22 month old sought to exercise his independence. After climbing out of his car seat, he wanted to shut the car door like a big boy, so I stood there watching over him. Realizing that if I left him to shut the door, his little head would have gotten slammed in the process, I lifted him away, and shut the door myself. This devastated him, and he broke down in tears. How could I prevent him from doing what he so badly wanted to do?

Watching the incident, a strange thought crossed my mind. I was reminded of all the times this had happened to us in life—when we want something so badly, but Allah does not allow us to have it. I was reminded of all the times we, as adults felt this same frustration when things just wouldn’t workout the way we so desperately wanted them to. 

And then suddenly, it was so clear. I had only taken my son away from the door to protect him. But he had no idea. In the midst of his mourning, he had no idea that I had actually saved him. And just as my son wept in his naivety and innocence, so often we too bemoan events that have actually saved us. When we miss a plane, lose a job, or find ourselves unable to marry the person we want, have we ever stopped to consider the possibility that it may have been for our own good? 

Allah tells us in the Qur’an: “…But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” (Qur’an, 2:216)

Yet it is so difficult to look beyond the surface of things. It takes great strength to see beyond the illusions, to a deeper truth—which we may or may not understand. Just as my son could not understand how my depriving him of what he most wanted at that moment was in fact my looking out for him, we are often just as blind.

And then suddenly, it was so clear. Dan tiba-tiba semua menjadi begitu jelas. Selama ini, saya sudah mengetahui ayat Al Baqarah 216 di atas. Tapi selama ini, saya tidak memahaminya. Tidak cukup paham untuk benar-benar ikhlas dengan apa yang saya alami dalam hidup.

Saya sekarang paham bagaimana Allah mencintai kita. Ketika mengawali kehidupan rumah tangga, kami membutuhkan “kelebihan” dalam hal finansial, saya hampir selalu berdoa ingin rezeki yang banyak. Dalam hati saya ketika berdoa, rezeki itu masih sama dengan uang. Jadi secara tidak langsung saya berdo’a ingin uang yang banyak. Tetapi Allah belum mengabulkannya (Refer to Al Baqarah 186  – Jangan berkata Allah tidak mengabulkan do’a kita, karena Allah mengabulkan semua do’a, hanya waktunya yang kita tidak tahu). Allah tidak memberikan harta yang berlimpah karena Dia sangat tahu bahwa saya akan terlena. Dia tahu saya akan sangat mencintai harta itu dan hidup bermegah-megahan dan semakin jauh dari Dia. Dia melindungi saya… karena bermegah-megahan akan membuat saya lalai (Refer to At Takatsur ayat 1).

Dan yang Allah berikan kepada keluarga kami adalah seorang anak laki-laki yang sangat lucu. Rezeki yang jauh lebih berharga dari sekedar uang yang bisa habis begitu saja. Allah Maha tahu, bahwa melalui seorang anak, kami akan lebih mendekatkan diri pada-Nya, kami akan belajar lebih banyak (khususnya agama) untuk mempersiapkan pendidikan anak kami, kami bertindak hati-hati dan berbicara santun untuk memberikan contoh yang baik, dan seterusnya…


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