This is the book that changed my life. This is the book that made me understand Tauhid with a simple description. This is the book that every Muslim should read.

This book describes Tauhid concept by relating it with everyday’s problem. With simple language, it’s easily understood and successfully touches the heart.

Through this book, I’ve come to realize that this world is something temporary and imperfect. Because it’s imperfect, it and everything in it will stand a chance to disappoint us. Even our parents, our spouse, our child, they may disappoint us someway. It’s because this world is full of imperfect things. So it’s just natural when we don’t get what we want.

We will only find eternal happiness in Jannah. There where all perfect things are. So, to be happy and free from disappointment, instead of chasing this imperfect world, we should chase the perfect Jannah, our final destination.

That’s the concept. So, how is the implementation?

It’s not easy, I say. It takes being patient in imaan and taqwa. Because the reward is Jannah, an eternal place that Allah says is very wonderful.

Rating: 5/5


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