I used to write a lot.

Back then when I was in middle school. I loved making poems, I wrote them in a notebook, which I think I’ve lost it somewhere in my parents’ home.

I also loved to write a diary, almost every day. The habit continued ’till high school.

When I when to university, I stopped writing a diary. It’s between my laziness or the uninteresting hard days of my early university days.

I made a blog instead. The first reason was because my lecturer of Academic Writing class asked us to make writings and post them in a blog. Later on, I regularly wrote on my blog. And I remember, there was one time when my lecturer left comment in my English-written poem.

And then after I graduated from university, I stopped writing in my blog. I became a translator instead. I wrote in multiple blogs.

And when I fell in love, I started another blog, a simple blog that consists of hints of my sparks of love. And then after I got married, I stopped again.

I made several efforts to start writing, but I stopped again, and started again, and stopped again, and started again.

This time, I will try my hardest to not stop. Because as the days go by, there are too many thoughts I want to keep.

But because I’ve been stopping for too long, I might need sometimes to gain my writing soul back.


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