I love your smell
I love your soft cheek and tummy
I love your standing hair that can’t be combed
I love how you run to hug me when I pick you up at the daycare
I love how you spread your arms to hug me when you wake up every morning
I love how you spell “Ahaha” and “Bahaya”
I love how you always try to bring many car-toys at once – just like your father
I love how you sing so loudly at the supermarket while accompanying me shopping
I love how you nonchalantly ask the waiter for your order
I love how you say Istighfar when you drop your toys
I love how you seems more mature than your same-age-friends
I love how you say “bukan” everytime I sing “(your name) bobo oh (your name) bobo” instead of “Nina bobo oh Nina bobo”
I love your crescent-eye smile
I love how you laugh so loudly over a simple game
I love how you ask for a meal and go to the kitchen asking for rice (you’re truly an Indonesian)
I love how you keep telling me “Ibu.. liat mobil-nya naik truk” over and over again until I come out from the kitchen to see your creation
I love how you go to our bookshelf and pick several books to read before bed time
I love how you sleep so soundly in my arms
I love you my son


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