It’s February, and it’s time for Performance Assessment for 2015 working period, which will determine how much performance bonus I will get this year. It’s always the time of the year which all of employees’ are waiting for. We will receive performance bonus and of course, salary adjustment.

The performance bonus is soooo tempting. We received 4-5x salary for 2014’s performance, and ~7.5% salary adjustment without promotion or ~15% salary adjustment with promotion. I don’t really hope much for this year, as the industry has been slowing down last year. But, it surely will help my family financials.

This year’s PA is different, because when my superior asked me what’s your goal in the company in the next 2-3 years, I answered… honestly I don’t see myself here anymore. Sooner or later I will resign from my position.

My priority has shifted from building a career to a family. My dream has shifted from worldly thing to Hereafter. It’s not easy (it’s really hard actually), but this world is temporary, right?

I told my husband how did my PA session went. And he surely made some comforting words.

Superior: Do you mind doing the same work, say for 2 upcoming years? (implicitly he said I refuse to take a higher responsibility, thus I won’t be promoted)Husband: But you are promoted in the eye of Allah (aamiin)

Superior: Honestly, it’s a let down that a high quality like you have to resign.
Husband: Yes, you’re a high quality and no one is more qualified than you to give the best for our kid(s).

Bismillah. I just need to decided the right timing, then 🙂


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