It’s already 2017! As usual, I evaluated last year’s resolutions and listed down this year’s resolutions. There are some targets that I have successfully achieved and there are many that have to be carried over to this year.

My targets are mostly centered around spiritual improvement, how I improve my ibadah by adding new habits little by little. And to get rid of my Qur’an memorization’s slump. I also targeted to read more Islamic books this year, as the Hour is approaching… one of my priority is to learn more about the signs of the Hour so I can prepare myself better and most importantly to transfer all the knowledge to my child(ren).

The others are circled around healthy lifestyle, family, parenting and personal development.

And… I’m  already so overwhelmed with things. Want to read many books & blogs, follow new communities, research play ideas for my children, try to squeeze some time to kick start my project… and all of that are must be done in between my 8-hr daily office work, juggling with house-chores, spent time with husband and my child. But in the other hand, I feel productive :p

Ya Allah, guide me, make my intentions clear, and give me strength to make the most of this year 🙂


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