Gilded Dunya

Knowingly or unknowingly we go about our daily lives struggling with what is within us. Despite knowing what is good and what isn’t, we still find ourselves wronging our souls. This struggle is an individual one, and is different from person to person. But whatever the wrong is, the wrong leads to disobeying Allah. And that is what makes it a struggle because we KNOW we shouldn’t be disobeying Him (swt)

We all have different ways of remaining steadfast and grounded, but we are human and we make mistakes. Understanding what the nafs is and how we can work to make it obedient can help with the struggle. I recently learnt that Allah tells us about three very distinct kinds of souls in the Quran.

Nafs al Ammara Bissu (The soul which commands)

This nafs is one that brings punishment itself. By its very nature it directs its owner…

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